Marva & Noam

That crazy love-at-first-sight fairy tale story might not be the one Noam and Marva will be telling their grandchildren some 30+ years from now, but like all good things that take time, their story is more of a slow burn — a relationship built over time — an amazing friendship and a partnership for life. Noam called Marva at the recommendation of a mutual friend, and from there they tiptoed together via that first blind date into the waters of a relationship. By the time six weeks had passed, they both knew that something extraordinary was blooming. Soon thereafter it was clear to both of them that this was “it”. 1 In the true manner of something that is built over time, the inevitable eventually happened. Call it women’s intuition, but Marva knew the proposal was coming soon. She  simply knew. But in the end, Noam managed quite the surprise! It was on a Shabbat afternoon that Marva got an urgent call about a serious leak in their apartment. What she could do about a burst pipe was not at all clear but she obliged anyway. Still, she was clueless as to the real purpose of the call. Naïvely, she went home only to find that the leak had already been repaired. (How serious could the “serious leak” have been? She should have been onto him by then.) Noam promptly arrived with a “pakal cafe” and off they drove to Givat HaPa’amonim on Kibbutz Nir Am. There was an astoundingly beautiful sunset, and in the spirit of the beauty of that day, Marva asked that Noam take her picture. Before she knew it, he’d put the camera on video and pulled out the ring. Without a doubt, it was a moment she says she will never forget. Leak in the apartment! Ha!

When it came to planning the wedding, they wanted it to be unique — something off the beaten path. The venue had to have an intimate vibe with the space for many. Not an easy task! A run-of-the-mill cookie cutter affair simply would not do! They ended up searching for — and finding — the place where the couple could see themselves being wedding guests. That idea ultimately led them to Caliph, the perfect spot. Now Marva  was already in love with Caliph from the start but knew it would take Noam a bit of time to fall in love with it as well. They initially went to five different venues in south Tel Aviv because it was conveniently located to where they live, but none of them really made an impression. Caliph provided them with that urban wedding vibe while remaining unique and of course offering  insanely good food and an uncommon building style that also had an intimate feel. There’s no doubt, as you can see from the pictures that the stone structure and arches provide an equally modern and antiquey look to the whole event.

With an urban style wedding look, So with the urban wedding look in mind, Marva began her search for the perfect dress. The gorgeous gown, designed by the amazing Mordechai Abraham, really did emphasize that. Delicate, unique, sparkly and simply stunning. Our beautiful bride looked absolutely radiant. With makeup done and fully dressed, the couple was ready for pictures. Marva describes the pre-wedding preparations as being simply perfect. She was initially a bit nervous about solo pictures with Noam but in the end, they flowed easily and, best of all, felt extremely natural. We can see that ease, comfort and love the couple have for one another, captured in each and every spectacular shot. From the moment Noam proposed, Marva knew she wanted Gamba photographers. Their expertise combined with their chill attitude made the two feel more than comfortable. “They laughed with us…everything was really easy”, says Marva. “There just simply aren’t any words to describe how beautiful the pictures came out”. I couldn’t agree with her more, and I think you’d be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t.

Of course the moment at the chupa was unforgettable, but it was that in conjunction with being surrounded by family and their closest friends that really set the mood. It’s a given that we’ve all been to our fair share of weddings and seen/taken tons of pictures.  But there was something particularly poignant about how truly magical this wedding actually was. There is a distinct electricity in the air once the post-chupa celebrations began, that have everyone wondering what the special ingredient is that made their wedding seem so very special and unique.  The celebrations were nothing short of spectacular and can only be described as a truly perfect evening. Every man, woman and child enjoyed dancing for hours on end, creating an idyllic moment forever frozen in time. An unbelievable event celebrating true love. One can’t ask for more from their wedding day.

And as for those of you that didn’t have the luxury of being there themselves? Well, we invite you to please enjoy this enchanting evening by proxy through the photos.


You can see all of the pictures from this wedding HERE


Photography: Gamba Photographers

Videographer: Story

Venue: Caliph

DJ: Liron Mendel

Wedding Dress: Mordehai Avraham

Hair & Makeup: Shay haleli ziv

Bride’s Shoes: Republic Footwear

Groomswear: Zara

Flowers: Fun Flowers