Danny & Tom

For every couple’s journey to the big day, there’s always the story of “How?”. For Danny and Tom, it seems the universal signs were there from the beginning.  Having gone to the same school from a early age, the couple already had a certain level of familiarity before even having their first conversation. It wasn’t until later years that a good friend and a perfectly timed party were to bring these two to the right place at the right moment.  With a well calculated dance location and a much needed ride home, Danny and Tom started down the road toward our main event and the culmination of that first dance, THE WEDDING! 2016-12-18_0001 The proposal occurred on a trip up north in the most picturesque of locations surrounded by a babbling brook and raspberry trees, giving Danny and Tom a year and three months to plan their ideal celebration. With a large number of guests and a want for an open space, Danny and Tom finally settled on beautiful field not generally used for weddings, but boy did they make it work. The perfect atmosphere was created with twinkling fairy lights, paper globes scattered about the field and an expertly lit dance floor that could turn any slice of nature into your very own disco.  Trusting their instincts and gut feeling, Tom and Danny were able to create an unforgettable party on their big day.
In preparation for the event, one of the most exciting pre-wedding activities is choosing the gown.  In the process of finding that perfect look that both matched Danny’s personal style and budget, she came across designer Ohad Nuri. Together they collaborated on one of his designs and with a few alterations created a gorgeous and personalized style.  Danny stunned in this delicate lace frock, exuding an effortless elegance we should all be so lucky to have on our wedding day. The look offered the perfect amount of luxe, combined with Israel’s easy and laid back style 2016-09-04_00452016-09-04_00682016-09-04_0001 We asked the couple what they remember most from that night.  After a number of days not having seen each other, it wasn’t the actual ceremony itself, but rather that first meeting as they set off for pre-wedding pictures. All the pent up nerves and pre-wedding jitters just melted away as the couple finally saw one another and from there on, the rest of the evening just flowed.  With Tom’s background in music, there was no shortage of talent at their disposal.  Close friend and fellow musician Afek Lamour created for them a unique and personalized version of “I’ll be there for you” as Danny entered on her way to the chupa (click HERE to hear to their version).  When it came time to break the glass, signifying the end of the ceremony, the couple chose Jan Jan, Armenia’s song in Eurovision a few years back. An undeniable amount of joy and excitement is almost palpable in every picture. Non-stop dancing and merriment was accompanied by DJ Maayan bergman who kept the energy going strong until 3 a.m.  Danny and Tom’s wedding was nothing short of class and whimsy, boosted by a true celebration of love. 2016-09-04_00062016-09-04_00072016-09-04_00192016-09-04_00272016-09-04_00252016-09-04_00302016-09-04_00342016-09-04_00542016-09-04_00712016-09-04_00662016-09-04_00732016-09-04_00762016-09-04_01002016-09-04_01022016-09-04_01042016-09-04_01192016-09-04_01342016-09-04_01352016-09-04_01362016-09-04_01402016-09-04_01432016-09-04_01522016-09-04_01622016-09-04_01792016-09-04_01802016-09-04_01812016-09-04_01822016-09-04_0183So what do the bride and groom have to say to couples on their way to the chupa? Enjoy every moment because it passes in the blink of an eye. And what’s to look forward to after that? A lifetime of love and happiness.  CONGRATULATIONS Danny and Tom!

you can see all of the pictures from this wedding HERE


Videography: Yair Shiloach DJ: Maayan Bergman Hair + Make up : Mytal Almakayes Brides’ dress :  Ohad Nuri

Catering: Artishok

Production : Hotzot Hakfar