Dana & Mickey

If you ask me, I’d say the best way to really get to know someone is becoming friends with them first. No pressure to pretend to be someone you’re not. Just you as you are and if you find that your friendship with someone ends up turning into something more, then I say welcome it with open arms. This is exactly what happened between our happy couple Dana and Mickey.  Meeting for the first time in 2010 at officer’s training school in the army, these two became fast friends. This friendship grew and blossomed over two and a half years and when Dana and Micky were both finally single, they decided to take their beautiful friendship to the next level. The ideal start, don’t you think? 2017-01-02_0002 When it came time for the proposal, everything was perfectly planned. A bit of a surprise for Dana, Micky prepared a two part celebration, culminating at the exciting moment most of us dream about! Because of finals, Mickey celebrated Dana’s birthday a bit late.  That day started with a series of fun surprises and activities, ending at home with a wreath of 40 red roses. If you think, as Dana did at that moment, that this is when it happened, you’d be wrong. Going to sleep a bit disappointed, Dana woke to those gorgeous roses arranged in a heart and a beautiful home cooked breakfast.  It was then that Mickey finally got down on one knee and popped the question. 2016-09-18_00022016-09-18_00182016-09-18_00042016-09-18_00112016-09-18_00052016-09-18_0006Gamba Photographers | www.gambawed.comGamba Photographers | www.gambawed.com2016-09-18_0001 2016-09-18_00392016-09-18_00452016-09-18_00512016-09-18_00572016-09-18_0060

Searching for a wedding venue  is never an easy task.  Mickey and Dana were looking for something with a sea view and young feel that provided guests with a party vibe a bit different than your average wedding reception. 330 guests showed up to celebrate the big day at Beit Al Ha-Yam in beautiful Jaffa and enjoy all the fun and unique cocktails that the event had to offer! Each guest also received a small matchbox with the phrase “I found my match” written on the case. Really, is there anything cuter than that?


As Dana walked down the isle toward the beautiful moment everyone was waiting for, the speakers played a gorgeous and unique cover of Your Song by Elton John, sung by Ellie Goulding. In my opinion, this is one of the most romantic songs ever written. You can hear this beautiful cover by clicking HERE.  While walking down the aisle Dana barely had the chance to really think about the fact that she was experiencing a once in a lifetime moment. Seeing Mickey standing at the end of the aisle already under the chupa, walking slowly and standing next to her parents while friends and family were gathered all around is all anyone can really ask for. 2016-09-18_00772016-09-18_00782016-09-18_00792016-09-18_00802016-09-18_00812016-09-18_00852016-09-18_00862016-09-18_00872016-09-18_00882016-09-18_00892016-09-18_0091

After all the excitement of pre-wedding preparation, photos and any lingering jitters, Dana and Mickey said their most memorable moment was eating the first course on the roof with a stunning ocean view.  Just enjoying the quiet before the real celebrating would begin.

The gorgeous wedding and Mickey and Dana’s special day was organized to perfection by the renowned wedding planner Yahav Sadan. As you can see in the  photos, the reception hall was set up with dazzling white flowers on every table and a soft yellow glow provided by a smattering of candles. The delicious meal was followed by non-stop dancing and fantastic music to really get the party going. To get the real feel of Dana and Mickey’s wedding, take a look at their video, and really sense the joy and energy from every guest. It was important to our wonderful couple that they have a moderately small wedding, ensuring they personally knew each guest. They achieved this perfectly, giving them just what they’d hoped for on their big day.


What advice do Mickey and Dana have for other couples on their way to the chupa? After all the planning and decisions about details, just allow yourself to let go when the moment arrives and enjoy every part of that day. Welcome the celebration with open arms.  Just by looking at the pictures, I think we can honestly say that that’s what our couple did.


You can see all of the pictures from this wedding HERE


Videographer: Aviv & Tali DJ: Pini Dekel Venue: Beit Al Ha-Yam Wedding Dress: Lee Grebenau Brides Shoes:  Shoez Webstore Groomswear : Doron Ashkenazi Planner: Yahav Sadan Hair + Makeup : Vered Spivak Bar: Duck Face Catering: Mazal Talle