Photographer | Bass Player | Music Fanatic

My favorite thing in the world is music. I play it and I listen to it. Every single day.

I started taking pictures  at music shows I frequently go to, with a cheap camera in one hand, and a beer in the other. I fell in love, and that is what I have been doing since.

I’m American born and moved to Israel when I was 14. I live in Ramat Gan with my Wife and amazing dogs Mushu and Zelda.

I love meeting new people, and seeing new places.


Photographer | Rock Climber | Oud Player

ll in love with photography while traveling throughout India and East Asia. When I returned home I decided  to study photography and take my passion to the next level.

I’m a man of the outdoors and I spend my free time traveling and rock climbing. When I’m home with my wife Naama and our daughter Geffen ,I like playing Oud.

Photography is about telling a story and for me every couple is a new one.